Surviving the Holidays – or any Festive Occasion

Surviving the Holidays (or any Festive Occasion)

‘Make a commitment – be conscious of your choices’

These are some strategies for handling festive occasions where food and alcohol are plentiful and temptations to get off track are everywhere. These strategies are the bullet points of the Holiday Survival Guide:

  1. Don’t go hungry – have food on hand
    1. Eat before you go to an event
    2. Treat the event as a small frequent meal not an eating frenzy
    3. Small plate – fill with protein veggies first
    4. Get creative in preparing foods – lots of healthy alternatives
    5. Get support – ask for help – call your health coach, friends, or other supportive people.
    6. After a party offer the leftovers to friends, neighbors, etc. esp. cakes and pies
    7. Plan ahead
    8. Chew your food! – take your time
    9. Manage your time more effectively – plan your day
    10. Exercise – walk! – get in motion – get the emphasis off of food
    11. Holidays are for social interaction, so make the focus on the activity or event and not the food
    12. One slip or over indulgence does not end your program – get back on track as soon as you realize you’ve gone off track (not: ‘I’ll get back on track tomorrow or Monday, or January”, but as soon as you become aware)
    13. Beware of alcohol- it’s easy to eat more once you’ve had a few drinks.
    14. Remember – it’s just one day
    15. Wear something you feel good in.
    16. Bring your own food to a potluck – make it lean and green
    17. Sit away from the food
    18. Traveling? Bring along a picture or something that inspires you to stay on track
    19. Keep your hands and mouth busy