Timi’s Success Story

Timi Gleason shares her successes to date on the program:

“My cholesterol has dropped 90 points since March 18 (70 days).  Today is May 28.  I’ve gone from “high cholesterol” status (well over 240) to 185 (less than 200 is desireable).  My previous concern was to remain drug free (no statin drugs for me)!  My resting pulse is in the range of an athlete’s.  My blood pressure which was “pre-hypertensive” is almost to goal.  I need to bring down my top BP score a bit, but my bottom is perfect! My big butt and square hips are gone and I look thin in my face.

I think if people will just invest seriously in Take Shape for Life  for 60 days, they will be amazed and will be motivated to keep moving towards ideal health.  Having your health is priceless. Looking good for job interviews is invaluable. TSFL is a cheap solution!  I recommend that you set up clear metrics first.  Track your blood work, your clothing sizes, and take photos when you start.  I track my blood work for free by giving blood every 8 weeks at the SD Blood Bank.

I would have said that I needed to lose 25 pounds.  Now that I see what losing 20 pounds looks like, I can see that I needed to lose 40-50!  Yes, I was in denial which is useful when you can’t see your way out from a dangerous situation.  I was headed towards diabetes and heart disease.  Now I’m headed towards looking 15 years younger!”

Timi Gleason