NutraGEN Supplements Transition

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Stock Up While supplies last!

We just received word that NutraGEN has been bought out by a larger company and that it could be a year before the NutraGEN line of supplements gets rebranded and made available for purchase again.
We’ve also been informed that there is a limited supply of:
  • Pure Greens – Green Apple and Mint flavor
  • Inflamedix capsules
  • Inflamedix cream
  • Pure Digestion 
  • Vanilla Pure Plant Protein
  • Chocolate Pure Plant Protein
  • A-Omega Fish Oil liquid 
Currently, the Greens and Vanilla Protein powder are backordered and should be available mid to late February. This will be the FINAL batch of all NutraGEN products.
If you would like to pre-order products, please contact Andy (email to or text 858-945-1737 and office 619-325-0771). We’ll send you an invoice for the products you’d like which you can pay online (you can also do this in our office). Once we receive all of your products we’ll ship them to you. We will refund you for any portion of your order that goes unfulfilled. We don’t know how much will be available.
Your prepayment allows us to order, and orders are filled on a first come, first serve basis.
Dr. Howe, the creator of the NutraGEN product line was the creator of the previous line of supplements we carried called BioPharmaSci. We’ll be re-stocking and using these products, or possibly other companies, until the re-branded NutraGEN products become available.
Please contact us if you have any questions. 

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